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Mindfulness in Silicon Valley has never been smarter. iChakras is a Chakra Meditation Center focused on the Chakra Balancing & Sound Healing.

We are using a modern/silicon valley approach to wellness and chakras. Now you can Experience a whole new level of Chakra Balancing!

This is the Future of Meditation and Metaphysical Healing. 

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How will my life change after working with iChakras for Chakra Meditation, Sound Healing, or Life Coaching?

Chakra Meditation, Sound Healing, and Crystal Light Therapy will heal your Mind, Body and Soul so that you can be your most authentic self and attract the best Relationships. Here is how the Mind, Body and Spirit are affected by Meditation, and Chakra Healing



You will unlock the full potential in your mind and attract endless opportunities just by tapping into the right frequency. Curing Depression Achieving Laser Focus, Higher Confidence, and even attracting better opportunities


When you can feel a weight lift off of your body, your entire world changes. Chakras/energy has an instant effect on your body. By Removing Pain, Slowing Heart Rate, and increasing your Energy Levels.


Manifest Your Dreams – Sometimes we block the things we are meant to achieve, and people we are meant to have in our lives. Enhance Your Instincts, Connect to your higher Self








I want a Balanced Mind, Body, & Spirit! How do I get started with Chakra Meditation & Healing? 

 iChakras is using a modern/silicon valley approach to wellness which is a whole new level of Chakra Balancing! This is the Future of Meditation and Metaphysical Healing. Reading brainwaves during a session has allowed us to unlock the chakras and see the real benefits of spiritual healing, and meditation. We are taking all of the vagueness and intimidation out of the healing experience. We will create a clear path towards your goals & ensure that you reach them in your Mind, Body & Spirit

Chakra Meditation


Receive a Consultation

…to discover your chakras strengths and weaknesses. Learn where you are blocked, and what your strongest abilities are

Chakra Meditation


A list of Personalized Recommendations

…will be created, for Meditations, Chakras Balancing, Crystals…everything YOU need to reach your Full Potential

Chakra Meditation


Become your most authentic self  

...& Reach Your Goals in any Chakra. You will experience Personal Growth on your Spiritual Journey.


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398 Main St.

Los Altos, California

Mon-Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm

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Chakra Meditation

iChakras Smart Meditation Center offering Chakra Meditation. 398 Main St Los Altos CA.

Serving Silicon Valley, Bay Area, San Fransisco, Cupertino, Saratoga CA. area