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What can iChakras do for you?

We focus on the Mind, Body, & Soul, benefits of meditation and wellness...


Our treatments have been proven to cure/reduce fear, depression, anxiety, and more


Specially targeted meditations will increase your focus and allow for higher learning


iChakras holistic techniques has been used to treat fear, low self esteem, and even increase ones self worth


Our world renowned tools will reduce any type of physical pain from your body, and even effect your cells, and ease your muscles.


We have designed amazing techniques that will allow you to control you own heart rate, and even lower your blood pressure


We have tracked our clients brainwaves, to ensure the best sleep quality and even increase energy throughout the day.


Sometimes we can block ourselves from the things we are meant to achieve. We will create a clear path towards your goals & ensure that you reach them


As we train you on how to meditate you will sharpen your natural Intuition and Instincts. You'll have a deeper connection to your own body, mind, and soul.


Scientists have learned that out of body or awakened experiences comes from the theta brainwave state. We have designed techniques that will train your mind to achieve this state at will

Featured Holistic Services, & Amenities

Chakra Analysis

Complimentory Consultation. Learn your strengths & weaknesses

Chakra Balancing

Align your energy centers and bring joy & peace into your mind, body, and soul

Brainwave Tracking

See your own brain-activity during treatment or meditation. Receive weekly progress reports

Meditation Classes

Meditate daily while enjoying a elegant, spa-like atmosphere. Surrounded by candles, crystals, & healing sounds during each class.

Needle-less Acupunture

No needles! Removes stress, blockages and even physical pain with a micro-current.


Beautiful aroma for any situation. Sleep. Calm, Love, Joy...Ask for crystal treated aromatherapy to be added to any treatment.

Crystal Healing

Healing treatments provided on Amethyst Bio-Mat. Heated amethysts will melt your muscles and remove any blocking energy inside of you by using far infrared light therapy. Healing Crystals also available for purchase.

Aura Photography

Reading your biofeedback now can provide information into your holistic health. Your energy displayed in realtime 3D imaging. Comes with full report


Become a member for the complete mind, body, & soul healing experience.

Wellness & Healing in Silicon Valley

This is a whole new level of healing. We are now changing the definition of wellness and healing. reading our clients brainwaves during a meditation or treatment has given us the ability to fully unlock the chakras and see the raw scientific data of spiritual healing, and meditation. The biggest reason people do not take wellness seriously is because the standard instruction on "How to meditate" is to vague and even contradictory. And the fact is, the human body just does not accept or recognize healing energy, so it's natural instinct is to reject it. We are now taking all of the intimidation and even the vagueness out of the healing experience. We have discovered (through our own studies) game changing information that will allow us to create a clear and understandable path towards healing and meditating. This path becomes clearer and clearer until your mind, body, and soul recognize the energy and accept the healing fully and completely. - D. Krystal Starr (Owner and creator of iChakras)

Where do I start?


Receive a Consultation

Book an appointment to receive a private and personal consultation, where you'll be asked a list of carefully designed questions and discover the inner workings of each individual energy centers


Choose Treatment or Meditation

After the consultation you'll receive a list of recommendations (based on your personalized needs) in which you'll be able to choose from.


Start your Healing Journey

Once you start your chosen path you'll see and feel the inner change instantly. Ask about our brain wave activity progress reports.

Start Healing Today
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