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What are you’re chakras telling the universe?  


 Your Chakras are like a computer code. It’s a vibrational frequency that tells the universe what to bring (or not to bring) into your life. What are you’re chakras telling the universe, your body, and even your mind?  

 Are they telling the universe to bring Success, Joy and Love into your life? Or are they attracting Challenges Negative People. or even Negative Emotions into your life? Reading our clients brainwaves during a meditation or treatment has given us the ability to fully reprogram your chakras. This is a whole new level of healing! 



 Whether your looking for Meditation classes or personalized Chakra Balancing your inner Healing starts today! 



 Looking for something deeper?

See our Mind, Body, Spirit treatments. You will find private services for your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit. Simply choose where you would like to start or keep scrolling down for more information about our consultations.


Consultations for those who need reccomendations, and want to learn more about themselves.


Wellness treatments for those having physical pain, trouble sleeping, low energy.



Chakra Balancing for those who are look for more out of life and are ready for magical experiences 

Where do I start?

Energy Scan VS Chakra Analysis






   The Energy Scan is a device that will scan your biofeedback,  Similar to the technology used in aura photography, but much more advanced.  You’ll see your chakras in a 3D live image, displaying strengths and even stressful energy and where is located in your body. This scan will show us your energy from the past 7 – 30 days.  After the Scan we well recommend  ways for relief from daily stress or minor pain, help with sleep, and any minor stress issue. We recommend a Energy Scan for those looking for quick recommendations for up-keeping mind body and spirit. (Recommendations include: Chakra balancing, meditations, healing crystals, holistic treatments, herbal remedies)

The Chakra Analysis is a very thorough verbal consultation that will take 45 minutes to complete. The consultation becomes a bit like a therapy session for most people, as we begin to unfold your deepest issues. During this consultation we will be able to tell you your inner strengths and weaknesses, whether you are suffering from more serious toxic energy, why you may be going through specific challenges in your life, and how to fix the underlying issues your facing. You will receive a report with all the information you need about your chakras. This will reveal whats been happening at the very core of your chakras from the day you where born, to present time. how life has effected you, and what the next steps are for you. This session is recommended for those who believe they need something deeper then light meditation, or chakra balancing. When energy becomes severely toxic, we recommend one of our Intensive Crystal Light Therapy Programs which is an on-going deep therapy that gets to that very root of the problem, and the chakra.


Crown Chakra

 Relationship with God

Third Eye Chakra



Throat Chakra


Heart Chakra


Solar Plexus 




What if I do have Toxic Energy?

Intensive Light Therapy is much deeper then any meditation or chakra balancing. If you have toxic energy it can effect you physically, mentally, and every spiritually. Creating deeply rooted issues that can block you from your personal growth and becoming your authentic self. Intensive light therapy is an ongoing treatment that will create a clear pathway towards reaching your goals, and manifesting your dreams

Crystal Light Therapy Programs






Meditation Techniques backed by prestigious institutes 

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