Reading Brainwaves while Balancing Chakras... Smart Meditation
Reading Brainwaves while Balancing Chakras... Smart Meditation

Reprograming your Chakras - Balancing your Life

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At iChakras we provide our Clients, and Students with wellness that is studied by science. We are not only a Meditation Center, we offer complete Mind, Body, & Chakra reprograming, and deep inner healing. When you book any any the following services you will be treated with the up most care, amenities & benefits

Receive a Complimentary Consultation with purchase or download of the meditation app (Smart Meditation) During the Consultation you will discover all of the strengths and weaknesses of your energy system and a list of solutions so that you can reach full potential in your mind, body and chakras.

- Complimentary with Purchase

Stunning 3D Graphics! This system not only displays aura balance & color, but also Chakra strength. Advancements in reading biofeedback have resulted in a incredibly advanced system

See Dr, Valerie Hunt's research on aura energetic data.

Harmonize your energy field with 7 tuning forks made to represents the chakra system and remove toxic frequencies. Your Mind, Body, & chakras will release any unwanted wight or stress. You'll feel a lightness and peace within.

Done with micro current pen to remove any energy blockage in the minor chakras around your body. This is done without the need for needles and will instantly remove pain, stress, and more. By stimulating and clearing these energy centers it creates a positive energy flow throughout your body and spirit.

While laying on a bed of chakra crystals you will be surrounded in beautiful soundwaves made from 7 crystal singing bowls. The power of these soundwaves vibrate right to the very core of your chakras to restore balance, heal damaged energy, and manifest your goals

Our Meditation Classes are coming Sep 1st 2019.

Pre Registration for monthly membership now available. All Memberships will give you full unlimited access to our classes!

Meditation Class Membership

Starting September 1st. Get access to unlimited classes, and we will track your brainwaves during your classes to ensure your healing progress. See all of the member benefits

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