Finally, meditation based on science! The Smart Meditation app is your own meditation coach right in your pocket! Unlimited access to experts who will give you the perfect prescription of techniques according to you mood that day. The Chakras are energy centers located in your body that control different aspects of your mind and spirit. In this Smart Meditation App you will have full access to our library of meditations, breathing techniques, visuals, Binaural Beats, Video Lessons, and more! Not sure where to start? Click on the emotion you are dealing with that day, or what you want to achieve, and receive a list of options to help you through any challenge.

-Waking up
and more

Or you if you may select the chakra you want to work on that day and find a list of meditations that will meet your needs.

With Smart Meditation you will also have access to a team of experts who will prescribe you the perfect set of meditations based on your symptoms. Simply fill of your consultation form and you will receive a personalized list made just for you. You can do this everyday, as the consultations are unlimited!

Our library of meditations and techniques is growing everyday, so you will always discover new tools to cure any issue.