Intensive Chakra Therapy


Intensive therapy can be done on one chakra or all seven and is deeper then up keeping or balancing the chakra system.  The timeframe is a minimum of the time it would take to complete program. Complimentary sessions/time is added onto the therapy when needed. You will come in each week to start a new step of the program, and in between your appointments you will have many healing tool’s and instructions that come with the programs.

Chakra Therapy Includes:

  • Weekly healing with all of iChakras most intensive tools
  • Use of the Chakra light therapy by John of God
  • Use of the muse headband during sessions to track brainwaves during treatment.
  • Online access to your own brainwaves reports to see scientific data and results
  • Complimentory time and sessions when needed
  • Weekly healing kit with products and crystals
  • Membership to iChakras and many other iChakras benefits for duration of therapy
  • Access to iChakras meditation app
  • Anytime emotional support and guidance
  • Personalized and targeted manifestation to achieve clients specific goals and needs

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Frequent Asked Questions about Chakra Therapy

Q: First of all, Whats a Chakra?
A: The Chakras are the source of everything in our life. Your physical well being, strengths, personality traits, happiness, & even controls what you manifest. There are 7 sources of energy in every soul, and each one controls a different part of our life & body. They pick up on positive & negative patterns, and will continue to repeat those patterns until you train them to achieve the life you want.

Q: Whats the difference between the Sound Bath and Intensive Chakra Therapy?
A: The difference is in the tools and service you’ll get access to.
If your looking for a way to keep healthy in your everyday life it’s important to regularly clean your energy. This where the Essential Balance comes in.
Chakra Therapy is an intensive program where you will get access to the most advanced tools and services available. The Chakra Light, Muse (the brainwave tracking headband for meditation) Life coaching, and one on one guidance with D. Krystal Starr. You will be able to pin point an area of your life to drastically change and see the results daily all around you. When you feel as though your life needs a complete over haul and light up-keep just wont do, this program will change your life from the inside out

Q: What should I expect to receive if I sign up for a Chakra Therapy Program?
A: Here are some highlights of the program. You’ll receive:
Weekly Healing with all of iChakras Most Intensive Tools                                                                                                                                Use of the John of God Chakra light therapy                                                                                                                                                       Use of the “Muse”. A brainwave reading headband for better accuracy.
Weekly package with products and crystals you’ll need to use regularly
Complimentary VIP sessions when you need that extra help
Access to iChakras members only account
Anytime emotional support, guidance, & spiritual life coaching
Personalized and targeted healing to achieve clients specific goals
Free access to Chakra Gem Tea Bar (Crystal infused herbal tea for chakras)
Extended sessions and time to membership so that clients will reach goals on THEIR time without the stress of rushing.

Q: Tell me more about the program options
A: Depending on the results of your chakra analysis, you may choose from working on 1 chakra or all 7. There are programs that last from 4 weeks to 7 months. Each program has higher benefits and stronger healing. The time frame is a minimum as you will be able to extend unlimitedly until the work is fully done

Additional information

Choose Chakras to work on.

1 chakra, 7 chakra, 7 chakras/months

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