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Tuesday - Saturday 11AM - 7PM

Meditation Class Schedule

12:30 pm Meditation Story (pre-recorded) $20
6:00 pm Healing Sound Bath $30
Throat Chakra Today classes will focus on Communication, Speaking your inner truth
12:30 pm Meditation Story (pre recorded) $20
6:00 pm Healing Sound Bath $30
Heart Chakra Todays Classes will focus on Love, Joy, Peace, Relationships
12:30 pm Meditation Story (pre recorded) $20
6:00 pm Healing Sound Bath $30
Solar Plexus Todays classes will focus on Trust, Self Confidence, Higher Energy Levels
12:30 pm Meditation Story (pre recorded) $20
6:00 pm Healing Sound Bath $30
Sacral Chakra Todays Classes will focus on Passion, Excitement, Emotions
12:30 pm Meditation Story (pre recorded) $20
6:00 pm Healing Sound Bath $30
Root Chakra - Todays Classes will focus on security, roots, stability, prosperity

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Meditation Group Classes near Cupertino, CA

Are you looking for meditation group classes in the Cupertino, CA, area? Here at iChakras, we offer comprehensive meditation classes at our Smart Meditation Center. Located a convenient 20 minutes from the Palo Alto city center, meditation offers an easy way to de-stress from the daily grind and re-energize your mind and body.

Our Meditation Classes

Holistic research indicates that meditation, especially when done in conjunction with other wellness methods, significantly reduces stress and increases the health of the body and mind. Not only do you feel better, but also all the systems of your body can experience improved functionality.

At iChakras, we focus on holistic healing through chakras. Through meditation, we focus on chakras that govern certain emotions and mental faculties in order to improve those areas of your life. Each 30-minute class, offered in the morning or evening, focuses on one of the following areas:

  • Grounding and focus
  • Passion and excitement
  • Confidence and energy
  • Love and peace
  • Truth and communication

Whether you’re struggling with communication or just to have enough energy to get through the week, our group meditation classes will give you a safe place to correct the imbalances in your life that prevent you from reaching your full potential. See our Tuesday–Saturday class timetable for the full schedule.

Our Smart Meditation Center

Classes taken at our Smart Meditation Center have the benefit of being in a controlled environment, free from distractions and filled with like-minded people. We are also able to augment your meditation experience with:

  • Rhythmic lights. These lights are synced to soothing classical music or natural bodily rhythms, providing deeper focus.
  • Meditation sounds. Sounds of classical music or natural ambiance help shut out distractions and increase self-awareness in the moment.

Our Meditation Center also offers brainwave tracking during our classes. This service is incorporated into all of our meditation classes at no extra charge.

If you want to reduce stress, increase wellness, and energize your day-to-day living, call iChakras Smart Meditation Center today at 650-797-8077, or fill out our online contact form to request more information.

This Chakra Healing Center is located is Los Altos CA in downtown area near Los Altos Hills CA. Offering Meditation Classes to Cupertino CA, Saratoga CA, San Fransisco CA, and the Bay Area.

-The Silicon Valley Meditation & Wellness Center-

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