Life Coaching

Life Coaching – Law of Attraction training

 Life Coaching


$240 per hour

Ready to make a change in your life? Do you have a dream you would love to fulfill? Are your struggling with an emotional or physical challenge?

Allow us to create a clear pathway toward those dreams, and help you build the life you know your capable of through life coaching exercises, daily goals, exercises and more.

What will you get out of Life Coaching? 


  • Personal Growth
  • Reach your goals
  • Remove any challenges in your life
  • Become your most authentic self 

 You can also use Life Coaching as training in any holistic area if you looking for spiritual growth or want to become a healer yourself.(Comes with certificate of completion.)


  • Chakra Balancing Training
  • Energy Training
  • Law of Attraction Training
  • Spiritual Awareness Training
  • And More 



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Life Coaching

Life Coaching and talk therapy is important to finding one inner truth and setting goals. We have all struggled though times where e just don’t know where to turn, or feel like we done have any answers. In these moments it’s important to have a support system in place to help you talk it through. Unfortunately this is very rare in todays time to really have a positive person to talk to. Getting Life Coaching that comes from someone who is trained on energy, vibrations, law of attraction is extremely valuable in theses times of confusion.

Its recommended to come with a list of the following

  • Questions
  • Goals
  • Concerns
  • Challenges

You will receive coaching and advice on how to reach your goals and solve any problems through law of attraction and energy shifting.


If you are looking for training on Chakras, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Awareness, Crystals or more, the life coaching will be customized to bring you up to expert level in your chosen subject

After reaching expert level you will receive a certificate of completion




Krystal has worked as a meditation teacher, Chakra Expert, and life coach for over 15 years. See has studied with multiple spiritual leaders such as Swami Kriyananda, Nayaswami Asha, Monk Dada N, and more. She has written 2 books, and is currently writing her 3rd. “The Chakra Code” is due to be released in 2019. She has recorded 7 meditation CDs with the singing bowls. Created multiple Meditation Apps, a meditation wearable, and is coming out with a Amazon Prime Series in 2020. She is the owner of iChakras Smart Meditation Center in Los Altos CA. where she teaches daily meditation classes, and offers Chakra balancing to her clients and students. She is planing to expand to Cupertino Ca.Krystal has designed a handmade collection of bath and skin products called Magic bath & Skin meant for wellness and healing. She is a wife and the mother if two beautiful boys.




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