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Here you will find all of our Guided meditation videos like videos on affirmations and answers to frequently asked question about meditation. Because whether your a beginner or have been studying meditation for years you will find something to help achieve that next level. at iChakras we are dedicated to offering as much information on the Chakra system and meditation in all of its forms. because imagine a world where all people meditate, repeat affirmations and self affirm themselves each day.

can you imagine it? Because we can and we think it would be beautiful.

we have seen countless people walk into our doors grumbling and grumpy and leave glowing and ready to spread the joy and peace they feel. So often we find ourselves stuck in negative patterns that keep repeating themselves and we blame things in our life for the way we feel. Just because something occurred to create this negative energy does not mean you cannot change it. Because it isn’t what you deserve and you have the ability to rewrite that code by reprograming the chakras, reseting the vibration of these control centers.

by the time your done watching one of our videos you will notice a significant difference on how you feel about yourself. So start Reprograming your Reality today!

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