iSmart - Spiritual Wellness Subscription

iSmart – Spiritual Wellness Subscription

iSmart – Spiritual Wellness Subscription is an entire wellness lifestyle sent to your front door. Private Yoga, Healing, & Meditation brought to your home. Food and Skincare enriched with positive energy using sage, meditation, and crystals.

We bring the healing to you! 

What is iSmart – Spiritual Wellness Subscription?

iSmart Subscription is a whole new way to experience Wellness. Enhancing your food and skincare with crystals, saging, and meditation. Delivering wellness products and even holistic services straight to your door. Everything personalized to your needs and chakras every month

Wellness in Silicon Valley has never been smarter…

What included in Wellness box?

Everything in the wellness box is customized to your personal needs and chakras each month. We will schedule a consultation to assess your mind and and spirits needs. Have you had any physical issues? Break ups? Issues at work or in your meditation? We will take this all into account each month and make sure your wellness solutions fit you, not the other way around. Everything in the wellness box in enhanced with crystal energy, meditation, and saged and personalized to your tastes and needs. We will set your spiritual goals each month, and make sure you are reaching them.  Crystals and tools are cleans, and replaced each month.

* Crystal Enhanced Food

* Energy Enhanced Skincare

* Energy Enhanced Herbal Chakra teas

*Healing Crystals

*Crystal Water Bottle

*Muse headband

*Other powerful healing tools



 Just Imagine This…

  Once a month a caring healer will arrive at your door to talk about all of your recent ups and downs.  As you speak to your healer you sense a feeling of support and ease as your troubles are transformed into mindful solutions. Personalizing everything from the food you eat, the products you apply to your body, yoga flow poses, energy healing and more. Everything your mind, body and spirit needs delivered to your door. Instead of finding the perfect yoga class, acupuncture, therapist, energy healer, we bring it all to you. You’re inner glow, happiness, and positive vibes will radiate from you.   You’ll receive a beautiful box of Chakra Foods, Healing Teas, and Energy Enhanced Skincare that will radiate with crystal healing frequencies. The Wellness Services will be picked and customized by you and done in the privacy of your own home or online.