Healing Services 


Cure Depression/Anxiety 

Laser Focus 

Higher Confidence

Know your Authentic Self


Cure Pain

Better Sleep

Control Heart Rate

Higher energy levels


Manifest Your Dreams

Enhance Your Instincts

Out of Body Experiences

Personal Growth

Our mission at iChakras 

is to bring your mind, body, & soul to full potential. We will help you understand your chakra system and energy centers while and they all work together to balance your life and help attain your goals. Start your journey of healing and become your authentic self. Experience how we balance science and magic to change your life!


Services for the Mind

Energy Scan

Digitally view your aura color and chakra system strength in real time through the information in your bio-feedback. Stunning 3D graphics complete with a detailed report. . We recommend a Energy Scan for those looking for quick recommendations for up-keeping mind body and spirit. (Recommendations include: Chakra balancing, meditations, healing crystals, holistic treatments, herbal remedies).

Chakra Analysis

Deep verbal consultation that will take 45 minutes to complete. During this consultation we will be able to tell you your inner strengths and weaknesses, whether you are suffering from more serious toxic energy, why you may be going through specific challenges in your life, and how to fix the underlying issues your facing. This session is recommended for those who believe they need something deeper then light meditation, or chakra balancing.

Complimentary with Purchase

(Recommended for those considering a Crystal Light Therapy Program)

Life Coaching / Spiritual Training

  • Life Coaching will create a clear path towards your goals and remove emotional challenges that may stand in the way. Using the power of coaching, law of attraction and a series of training tools
  • Spiritual Training  is done for those looking to increase their knowledge in any spiritual subject for career, or personal use. Comes with certificate of completion after expert level

$240 per hour

Services for the Body

Acupuncture (Non-Invasive)

Remove pain and stress from your body! Create a positive energy flow throughout your body and spirit by removing blockages in the minor chakras around your body. Electronic acupuncture pens will stimulate and ease your muscles without the use of needles

$89 Per Session


Chakra Tuning Forks

Use vibrational tuning forks for a quick healing & realignment. Feel lighter and rejuvenated after targeting specific areas with their specific frequencies

Crystal Bed Treatment

Lay on a bed of healing crystals while all of your worries, pains or stress melts away.


10 Session Package $500

Chakra Reiki

Absorb healing energy through your body for instant healing effects

$99 per session

10 Session Package $899

Smart Meditation (Guided)

Track your brainwaves as you meditate- hypnotic lights dance behind your closed eyelids to the sounds of the environment, classical music, or binaural beats. The rhythmic patterns allow you to reach the deepest state of meditation with ease

$19 per 15 minutes

$70 per hour

Services for the Spirit

Full 7 Chakra Balancing 

Balancing all 7 Chakras is a deep and powerful way to align all areas of your life

$299 for full balance  

Crown Chakra Balance

For those looking for a deeper awareness and relationship with God 

$105 Per Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

For those looking for a deeper intuition and sharper instincts. 

$105 Per Chakra

Throat Chakra

For those looking for better communication skills, a stronger voice, or expressing their inner truth.

$105 Per Chakra 

Heart Chakra


For those who are craving love, joy and peace. Most of all unconditional self love. 



$105 Per Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra 

For those who are looking for higher confidence, trust, and faith 


$105 Per Chakra

Sacral Chakra

For those searching for passion, excitement, creativity and intimacy 

$105 Per Chakra 

Root Chakra

For those who are in need is stability, and security, increased focus and success in there world

$105 Per Chakra

Services for the Home

Home Balancing / Feng Shui

Homes have Chakras too. We balance the energy, remove blockages, and create an amazing atmosphere in your home. Comes with a complementory Feng Shui Consult

$999 First time set up fee then $500 Per Session

 6 Session Package $2,800 


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