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Treatments & Services

Our mission at iChakras is to bring your mind, body, & soul to full potential. We want to help you understand your chakra system and energy centers while and they all work together to balance your life and help attain your goals. Start your journey of healing your stress away- dive deeper into your spiritual selves while learning about your brainwaves & biofeedback.

Experience how we balance science and magic to change your life!

Chakra Analysis


A personalized consultation. During this session you will find the strengths and weaknesses of your chakras, and be given list of personalized recommendations to reach full chakra potential

Life Coaching

$150 (45 mins)

Come with a list of questions and you will receive coaching and advice on how to reach your goals and solve any problems through law of attraction and energy shifting

Bring your frequency to its highest potential & repair damaged energy. Strong vibrations from 7 crystal quartz singing bowls is the deepest energy treatment and will leave your body feeling lighter

Smart Meditation

$19/ 15min

Track your brainwaves as you meditate- hypnotic lights dance behind your closed eyelids to the sounds of the environment, classical music, or binaural beats. The rhythmic patterns allow you to reach the deepest state of meditation with ease

Remove pain- painlessly! Create a positive energy flow throughout your body and spirit by removing blockages in the minor chakras around your body. Electronic acupuncture pens can stimulate and ease your muscles without the use of needles

Use tuning forks for a quick healing & realignment. Feel lighter and rejuvenated after targeting specific areas with their specific frequencies

View your aura color and chakra system strength in real time! Stunning 3D graphics complete with a detailed report. Combine with tuning forks to actively see your chakras healing as the negative energy being removed

Intensive Light Therapy Programs

See more information

Much deeper then any balancing, or meditation. These on-going programs are life changing. Healing you at the very core of your chakra system, and getting your mind, body, and soul to full potential

Aura/Chakra Photography

See a full report on your Chakra/Aura strength with 3d images and live feed of energy your flow.

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