This is a whole new level of healing. We are now changing the definition of wellness and healing. reading our clients brainwaves during a meditation or treatment has given us the ability to fully unlock the chakras and see the raw scientific data of spiritual healing, and meditation. The biggest reason people do not take wellness seriously is because the standard instruction on “How to meditate” is to vague and even contradictory. And the fact is, the human body just does not accept or recognize healing energy, so it’s natural instinct is to reject it. We are now taking all of the intimidation and even the vagueness out of the healing experience. We have discovered (through our own studies) game changing information that will allow us to create a clear and understandable path towards healing and meditating. This path becomes clearer and clearer until your mind, body, and soul recognize the energy and accept the healing fully and completely. – D. Krystal Starr (Owner and creator of iChakras)