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Coping during COVID-19 using Meditation During CODVID-19 Shutdown we are all feeling drained, stressed, even scared of wha the future holds. That is why the Mind, Body, Spirit connect is SO important right now. So we are here to show you ways of Coping during COVID-19 using Meditation. Click here more more info: Coping with Covid 19 using meditationWellness & Healing in Silicon Valley This is a whole new level of healing. We are now changing the definition of wellness and healing. reading our clients brainwaves during a meditation or treatment has given us the ability to fully unlock the chakras and see the raw scientific data of spiritual healing, and meditation. Cure Depression Results proven to cure/reduce fear, depression, anxiety, and more Laser Focus Specially targeted meditations will increase your focus and allow for higher learning Higher Confidence Holistic techniques proven to treat fear, low self esteem, and increase ones self-worth Remove Pain World renowned tools proven to alleviate any type of physical pain trapped in your body. Ease your muscles painlessly Heart Rate Amazing techniques designed for you to control your heart rate and even lower your blood pressure Energy Maintenance Understand your brainwaves and learn the best tips for quality sleep and energetic days Manifest Your Dreams Sometimes we can block ourselves from the things we are meant to achieve. Allow us to assist you in reaching your goals by creating a clear path to follow; supplemented with personalized recommendations Enhance Your Instincts Develop deep connections within yourself as we train you to meditate. Notice the world as your natural intuition strengthens Out of Body Experiences Proven studies show ‘out of body’ or ‘awakened’ experiences can originate from the Theta brainwave state. Meditate in our uniquely designed space that will train your mind to achieve this state at will Krystal has worked as a meditation teacher, Chakra Expert, and life coach for over 15 years. See has studied with multiple spiritual leaders such as Swami Kriyananda, Nayaswami Asha, Monk Dada N, and more. She has written 2 books, and is currently writing her 3rd. “The Chakra Code” is due to be released in 2019. She has recorded 7 meditation CDs with the singing bowls. Created multiple Meditation Apps, a meditation wearable, and is coming out with a Amazon Prime Series in 2020. She is the owner of iChakras Smart Meditation Center in Los Altos CA. where she teaches daily meditation classes, and offers Chakra balancing to her clients and students. She is planing to expand to Cupertino Ca.Krystal has designed a handmade collection of bath and skin products called Magic bath & Skin meant for wellness and healing. She is a wife and the mother if two beautiful boys. iChakras Smart Meditation Center is located in downtown Los Altos CA. and providing service for the Cupertino CA. area. Meditation Group Classes near Cupertino, CA Are you looking for meditation group classes in the Cupertino, CA, area? Here at iChakras, we offer comprehensive meditation classes at our Smart Meditation Center. Located a convenient 20 minutes from the Palo Alto city center, meditation offers an easy way to de-stress from the daily grind and re-energize your mind and body. Our Meditation Classes Holistic research indicates that meditation, especially when done in conjunction with other wellness methods, significantly reduces stress and increases the health of the body and mind. Not only do you feel better, but also all the systems of your body can experience improved functionality. At iChakras, we focus on holistic healing through chakras. Through meditation, we focus on chakras that govern certain emotions and mental faculties in order to improve those areas of your life. Our group meditation classes will give you a safe place to correct the imbalances in your life that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Rhythmic lights. These lights are synced to soothing classical music or natural bodily rhythms, providing deeper focus. Meditation sounds. Sounds of classical music or natural ambiance help shut out distractions and increase self-awareness in the moment. Our Meditation Center also offers brainwave tracking during our classes. 398 main st los altos CA 650-797-8077 D. Krystal Starr’s published books: Amazon Author Page: Krystal starr See D. Krystal Starrs Youtube video on COVID-19