Energy Scan

 Aura Photography $59

Aura Photography


Energy Scan (Aura Photography)


The Energy Scan is a device that will scan your biofeedback,  Same technology used in aura photography, but much more advanced.  You’ll see your chakras in a 3D live image, displaying strengths and even stressful energy and where is located in your body. This scan will show us your energy from the past 7 – 30 days.  After the Scan we well recommend  ways for relief from daily stress or minor pain, help with sleep, and any minor stress issue. We recommend a Energy Scan for those looking for quick recommendations for up-keeping mind body and spirit. (Recommendations include: Chakra balancing, meditations, healing crystals, holistic treatments, herbal remedies)                  

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Aura Photography

Aura Photography and biofeedback report

Your aura photography colors are the key to your emotional-energetic map, capable of shedding light upon the subtlest imbalances in your energy.  Once you understand that Aura field, is the same as your biofeedback, it becomes much easier to grasp the fact tat we can see the aura with this device. Record a live feed of your chakras strength, aura colors and energy levels. And you’ll receive an email with a detailed report on your energy, personality, strengths, weakness. View your aura color and chakra system strength in real time! Stunning 3D graphics complete with a detailed report. Combine with tuning forks to actively see your chakras healing as the negative energy is being removed Our aura reading machine is capable of advanced aura photography.

How does aura photography work? The technology is complex, but our step-by-step process is relatively simple:

  1. Hand Reading. Sit in front of our web camera and place you hand on the Inneractive biofeedback hand sensor.
  2. Data Collection. The hand sensor will take information from your hand and transfer the data to your computer.
  3. Bio feedback Translation. Inneractive’s powerful software displays the data from your hands frequency as a series of beautifully detailed charts and graphs.
  4. Email Report You will be E-mailed a detailed report of your aura, and chakra information


If your kirlian aura photo shows a base aura-energy that glows a vibrant orange, clairvoyant people believe it may reflect your foundation of confidence and courage. They also believe if the core of your aura radiates green – you could be a natural empath and very sociable! Others may seem to sense your optimism and intellect, judging by the warm yellow energy in the right field of your aura, according to mystical people’s belief.


    AIR Communicative, social, balanced, creative, logical
    Emerald, Jade, Rose-quartz, Fluorite
    Rose, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lemon-grass
    FIRE Creative, easy going, philosophical, optimistic
    Amber, Golden Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine
    Lemon, Ginger, Peppermint