Scientific Research

All of our treatments have been studied by science and respected leaders of society

Treatments & Services

Our services and treatments are preformed by caring professionals who are trained with a scientific understanding of each holistic treatment or healing modality. At iChakras our goal is to bring you up to your fullest potential in your mind, body, & chakras, and we understand that all are tied into one another. In order to heal stress in your mind, we have to know whats happening on a deeper and more spiritual level, and vise-versa, in order to heal the chakra system we have to know how your brainwaves and biofeedback work as well.

It's the perfect blend of science and magic

Chakra Analysis


A personalized consultation. During this session you will find the strengths and weaknesses of your chakras, and be given list of personalized recommendations to reach full chakra potential

Life Coaching

$150 (45 mins)

Come with a list of questions and you will receive coaching and advice on how to reach your goals and solve any problems through law of attraction and energy shifting.

Be immersed in sound and frequencies that will travel through your mind, body, and chakras to repair, any damaged energy and bring your frequency up to it's highest potential. This is the deepest energy treatment, and is preformed with 7 crystal quartz singing bowls.

Smart Meditation

$19/ 15min

Rythmic lights that are synced up to your choice of, your own meditative brainwaves, binaural beats, or classical music. These lights act like a meditative visual when flashing behind your eyelids, keeping you in the deepest state of meditation possible.

Done with micro current pen to remove any energy blockage in the minor chakras around your body. This is done without the need for needles and will instantly remove pain, stress and more. By stimulating and clearing these energy centers it creates a positive energy flow throughout your body and spirit

7 tuning forks vibrating at different frequencies to tune and adjust your energy body. Your Chakras will feel a weight lifted off of them after the session. You will see changes in your mood, and in your daily life

Stunning 3D Graphics! This system not only displays aura balance & color, but also Chakra Strength. Advancements in reading Biofeedback have resulted in a incredibly advanced system. See Dr, Valerie Hunts research on aura energetic data.

Combine with Chakra tuning forks to see live feed of your chakras healing and negativity being removed.

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