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Swami Kriyananda Endorsment for D. Krystal Starr

I met Krystal Starr a number of months ago.  She in fact knew nothing about me when I walked in her door. Thinking of me as a “normal” human being, with normal worldly concerns, she talked to me of my family. The longer she talked, the larger that “family” seemed to grow. I said nothing to help her along, but in a very short time she had tuned into my inner nature with astonishing clarity, and was talking on quite a different level. I must say, Krystal astonished me with her insights. I have consulted psychics from time to time, never depending on them, but interested, as I was in her case, in getting a second opinion on my own directions. I’d been feeling that my life had been miraculously spared, and wanted corroboration of this fact without asking for it. Krystal tuned in on her own to the fact that, yes, I had experienced a miracle. I was very pleased to find that Krystal, more perhaps than anyone else, tuned into me as an individual and gave me the insights I was wanting – insights that have proved true and that I have found helpful. Since then, I have come to look on her as a personal friend also.

Swami Kriyananda, India



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