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Intuitive Counseling, Chakra Analysis, and Chakra Therapy is done by the owner, D. Krystal Starr. You may purchase services online, or just call in to book an appointment. Most of the products and tools are available in-store only. But you may order Books, or CDs by D. Krystal Starr from If your in search of the ultimate meditation state so that you can create your new reality, see our new service called "The Manifestation Experience"

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Platinum Membership


Family Packages are available just ask for personalization


Recurring monthly services will roll over when unused.

  • 1x Sound Bath Balancing
  • 1x ITSM (Chakra)
  • 2x ITSM (Basic)
  • 1x Aura Photo
  • All Member Benefits
  • 30% on other sessions 

price is a monthly fee


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