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Chakra Analysis, Sound Bath and Chakra Therapy is done only by the owner, D. Krystal Starr. You may purchase services online, or just call in to book an appointment. Books, and CDs by D. Krystal Starr are available online from or any other bookstore online. We are taking Meditation to the next level...

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Chakra Bombs


Chakra Bombs are a beautiful way to enhance your chakras vibrations. Using Aromatherapy, Crystals Therapy, Color Therapy, and Affirmations. Drop the Chakra bomb in the bath and relax while the aroma releases into the water. Each essential oil targets the corresponding Chakra. As does the beautiful crystals embedded into the chakra bomb. Once your ready repeat the corresponding affirmation from the iChakras App. Keep the crystals for future use!

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Chakra Bombs

Stability for your Roots, Sacral Passion Ball, Solar Glowing Confidence, Heart Exploding with Love, Throats Magnetic Voice, Psychic Eye Opener, Angel Crowning Glory


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Taking Meditation to the next level...


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