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Chakra Analysis, Sound Bath and Chakra Therapy is done only by the owner, D. Krystal Starr. You may purchase services online, or just call in to book an appointment. Books, and CDs by D. Krystal Starr are available online from or any other bookstore online. We are taking Meditation to the next level...

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Smart Meditation (I.T.S.M. Basic)


Basic I.T.S.M. are recorded by third party authors. No personalization is available in basic I.T.S.M..



What is Induced Trance State Meditation? (I.T.S. Meditation)

With the Induced Trance State Meditation device, you will now be able to create your own future. Unlock your spirit and your brainwaves to absorb any message, or healing necessary to make your dreams a reality. During the ITS Meditation you’ll use Transformational Guided Imagery, blue L.E.D.s (light emitting diodes) and binaural beats (therapeutic sounds) that pulse at specified frequencies to unlock your higher self into reality. Your body, mind and chakras will sync into the correct state of meditation regardless of distraction, or even if you fall asleep. Choose from a menu of Guided Wellness programs to unlock. and let the transformation guided imagery take you.
Should be done regularly (The more this is done the further the message is written into your mind, and energy) This session is  without the need of a practitioner.

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Basic Manifestations

Deepak Chopra – Stillness, Clearing Cancer – Healing Cancer with Love, Clearing Cancer – The Healing Image, Good Boundaries, Relax your headache away, Imagine yourself slim – Taste Training, Pain free life, Children's Stories – Adventures of Herman Bean, Relax and Refuel, The Zone of Health and Healing, Great day! – Purify from your day and move into Dreamland, Great day! – Wake up, and get ready for your day!, Walking with Jesus – Love, Self Esteem – Perfect Relationships, The Healing Well, Your Master Specialst


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Taking Meditation to the next level...


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