How does a Intuitive differ from a Psychic?

A Psychic Reader and Intuitive Reader are the same type of Reader, but I go by, Intuitive D. Krystal Starr because it is my feeling that people have abused their Psychic Ability to the point that the word has attracted a lot of untrustworthy attention. Intuitive / Psychic Ability needs to be used to help clients, not control or use them.
A Psychic / Intuitive should never take the place of God,
or Prayer! If you are going to see a Psychic or Intuitive remember that the person should help guide you to God, and help you discover how to achieve your dreams, how to navigate through your problems, and prepare you from things you might not have seen otherwise. You should never feel scared or desperate after a Psychic OR an Intuitive Session

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