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New holistic center aims to heal from the outside in: iChakras on Main specializes in energy centers
Crier D. Krystal Starr, a chakra healer, plays her Tibetan singing bowls inside iChakras on Main Street.
In the bustling Bay Area, it seems as if everyone is busy with something. They’re running to their next meeting, furiously typing up this week’s budget or crafting tomorrow’s next big idea. In the midst of Silicon Valley’s hectic energy, some people may seek holistic healing to resolve the chaos around them. Until last month, Los Altos lacked a streamlined holistic healing space aimed at Silicon Valley workers, according to D. Krystal Starr, owner of iChakras. Starr opened her holistic healing center June 17 at the corner of Main and First streets. As the name implies, iChakras specializes in healing the chakras – seven energy centers in the body that each control an aspect of life, a notion of Indian origins. Starr offers a meditation space in her Zen Room and a range of products for customers to use at home. Each of Starr’s products, from her Magic Bath line to her individual crystals, aligns with a certain chakra and heals users from the outside in, Starr said. Using her expertise in chakras, Starr recommends products based on what she believes her customers need.“I’m not just a store for crystals,” she said. “I want people to walk in and have a healing experience. They’ll leave with an insight of, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know I needed that.’” Starr also invites customers to enter the Zen Room – a small room lined with square floor pillows for sitting – to meditate. At the front of the room are seven colored Tibetan singing bowls – one for each chakra. When struck with a wand, the singing bowls emit a note that lingers for several seconds. According to Starr, the vibrations from the bowls recalibrate an individual’s chakras when they have fallen out of place. On a television, Starr plays her own meditation tutorial videos that guide the room inhabitants in their meditation experience. Occasionally, she offers live demonstrations of her using the Tibetan singing bowls to meditate and answers questions about the process.“I’m trying to get people to come (into the Zen Room) to meditate and socialize,” Starr said. “People like to socialize at a coffee shop or a bookstore. Why not come here to meditate and relax?”HISTORY OF HEALINGWhile Starr is new to Los Altos, she’s a veteran of holistic healing. Her mother, also a crystal and chakra healer, raised Starr surrounded by crystals and Tibetan singing bowls. As Starr got older, she began to study healing on her own and earned accreditation in the holistic healing industry. She holds a Chakra and Aura Healing Certificate from Luna Holistics, which is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Prior to opening iChakras, Starr operated out of her office in Mountain View, where she offered one-on-one meditation sessions.As with any practice, chakra and crystal healing has its skeptics. But Starr doesn’t involve herself in trying to convince them.“It’s not for everybody – it’s as simple as that,” she said. “If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. I am not in the business of trying to change people’s way of living. If they’re going to feel it, they’re going to feel it. You can’t force it on everybody.”Skeptics aside, Starr said she enjoys watching her clients have fun with her products and services. She added that clients have reported having their problems resolved within one or two days after using her products.“(Customers) really start to see things with more clarity,” she said. “They buy (products) because it’s fun, but it really transforms the way they think. It’s not only making a difference in their life, they’re having fun with it as well. It’s only been two weeks, but we’re having so much fun.”

Swami Kriyananda’s Preface for “Need a chakra reset button” by D. Krystal Starr

This is a most intriguing book! I would very much like to know how many people are helped by it, and how deeply. The subject itself is fascinating: the spinal centers in our bodies; how they affect us; the present and potential ways they affect our consciousness. Paramhansa Yogananda, in his world- known book Autobiography of a Yogi, states that thoughts are universally, not individually, rooted. This means that our brains do not produce the ideas that come out of them: they merely express concepts that belong to whatever level of consciousness we are living at, at the time. Any change in our level of consciousness alters instantly our very view of reality. The levels of reality we perceive depend entirely on where, in the spine, our energy and consciousness are centered. The chakras, viewed outwardly, simply channel energy to different regions of the body: the heart, the stomach, the sex organs, the legs, etc. Viewed inwardly, however—that is to say, when that same energy is withdrawn to the spine and directed upward toward the brain—the chakras become portals that open onto ever-increasing enlightenment. The spinal chakras, therefore, are of central importance to the science of yoga.I pray that this book will help many people better to know their own inner selves.

Nayaswami Asha

Krystal is uniquely gifted. She offers insights not available from any other source. Brings a lifetime of study and practice to her work. Is deeply dedicated to helping others.

Swami Kriyananda

I met Krystal Starr a number of months ago.  She in fact knew nothing about me when I walked in her door. Thinking of me as a “normal” human being, with normal worldly concerns, she talked to me of my family. The longer she talked, the larger that “family” seemed to grow. I said nothing to help her along, but in a very short time she had tuned into my inner nature with astonishing clarity, and was talking on quite a different level. I must say, Krystal astonished me with her insights. I have consulted psychics from time to time, never depending on them, but interested, as I was in her case, in getting a second opinion on my own directions. I’d been feeling that my life had been miraculously spared, and wanted corroboration of this fact without asking for it. Krystal tuned in on her own to the fact that, yes, I had experienced a miracle. I was very pleased to find that Krystal, more perhaps than anyone else, tuned into me as an individual and gave me the insights I was wanting – insights that have proved true and that I have found helpful. Since then, I have come to look on her as a personal friend also.

Swami Kriyananda, India



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