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Science behind Aromatherapy

It’s simple really: Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for their curative properties. Essential oils are the aromatic oils distilled from plants —or, to put it in scientific terms, oils containing volatile aromatic molecules. (“Volatile,” in this case, is not as dramatic as it sounds. It simply means the aromatic molecules have a tendency to dissipate quickly once applied.) Those molecules are the essence in essential oils. And while they generally smell quite pleasant, we don’t refer to these oils as “fragrances” because we aren’t using them to perfume ourselves. Well, not strictly speaking.

When essential oils are inhaled through the nose, aromatic molecules are carried through the lining of the nasal cavity via tiny olfactory nerves, located in the roof of the inner nose, to the part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system in turn influences the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system.
The endocrine system is a major regulatory force in the body. It consists of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream; these hormones act as chemical mediators to regulate many bodily functions including mood, metabolism, and growth and development.
The autonomic nervous system operates, for the most part, below the level of our awareness. It connects the brain and spinal cord to the limbs and organs and directs, via electrical impulse, basic instinctive bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiration rate, salivation, perspiration, and sexual response.
While it may seem counterintuitive, inhalation can be the most direct method of delivery for the healing components in oils. Through the nasal cavity, the chemical messengers have direct access to the brain and can go straight to work on the systems that moderate the body.

Love Bath

Come this February to see our new heart shaped bath bombs. Create your perfect love spell!

NEW! – Essential Memberships

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Essential Memberships are for those who just want the essential balance and M.E. sessions. When you know you’ll be booking these much needed treatments regularly this will help you to save, and make sure you are on track with your spiritual wellness. you’ll also receive special benefits for being a iChakras Member. Membership alone is not Intensive Therapy. If you want Chakra Therapy your membership fee will already be included in the price. Essential Memberships are available to those who have never done therapy, and to those you have completed their chakra therapy!

Family Packages are available just ask for personalization!

Silver $299 monthly 15259500_634759956696333_671978016308487819_o

1x Monthly Essential Balancing
Weekly Basic Manifestation
Members Benefits
15259500_634759956696333_671978016308487819_oGold $499 monthly
1x Monthly Essential Balance
1x Monthly M.E. (Full)
3x Monthly M.E. (Basic)
Member Benefits + 5% off

15259500_634759956696333_671978016308487819_oPlatinum $700 monthly

2x Monthly Essential Balance
2x Weekly M.E. (Basic)
2x Monthly M.E (Full)
Members benefits + 5% of




Manifestation Experience


Manifestation Experience (M.E)
$159 – With the Transformational Guided Imagery
device, you will now be able to create your own future. Unlock your spirit and your brain waves to absorb any message, or healing necessary to make your dreams a reality.
Choose from a menu of Manifestation Experiences’s to unlock. (Choose from any of the guided visuals for the chakras)
Then personalize your Experience with scent and crystals. Lay down on the heated Amethyst Biomat Healing bed and let the TGI Manifestation take you…
Can be done anywhere from 3x a week to monthly (The more this is done the further the message is written into your higher self) This session is done in privacy without the need of a practitioner

The perfect blend of Magic & Technology

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Muse meditation – The brainsensing headband


Intensive therapy members will get use of the headband and a special online account to track the progress of their brainwaves in each session. This amazing little headband will show in real time when your mind is active or calm. While you are mediating in the intensive therapy session this information is used to play the singing bowls and other tools with perfect accuracy to allow for a full out of body experience.
Having a way to see a physical and scientific chart of your progress every week will truly immerse you into your spiritual therapy.

Taking the guesswork out of meditation


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