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New Crystals and Vita Juwel coming!


Update! iChakras is expanding the crystal inventory and Vita Juwel available in store! New versions of vita juwel will be available  sometime in May to stay tuned!

New Essential Membership Levels

Great News! There is a new membership level available!

Essential Membership is created for those looking for an easy and luxurious way to keep the chakras balanced without a big commitment or investment. Take advantage of our essential (up-keep) session while still holding membership status and benefits. Prices are recurring monthly fees and can be canceled anytime


(NEW) Silver $149 mo. (NEW)
• 1x M.E (Full)
• 1x M.E. (Basic)
• All members Benefits• 10% on other sessions

Gold $299 mo.
• 1x Essential Chakra Balancing• 4x M.E. (Basic)
• All Members Benefits
• 20% on other sessions

Platinum $399 mo.
• 1x Essential Chakra Balance• 1x M.E. (Full)
• 3x M.E. (Basic)
• All Member Benefits
• 30% on other sessions




NEW! – Heart Chakra Manifestation Experiance

We are so glad to announce that the Manifestation Experience (M.E.) is now available for the Heart Chakra.

In this guided visual you will be taken into the center of your self love and discover true inner peace and joy. You will take this new discovery with you after the session and suddenly start to manifest love in your everyday life! With use of Binaural Beats, and Light Therapy glasses, you will be taken away from all stress and worry on the Amethyst Bio-mat bed and crystal infused Aromatherapy. Book session now!


Bio Feedback & Aura Photography Research

This unique system not only displays Aura balance and color but also Chakra strengthpower levels and chi-energy levels! Advancements at InnerEnergy resulted in an incredibly advanced aura-imaging system–AuraCloud 3D

Cutting-edge technology, beautiful design, and stunning 3D graphics work in harmony to visualize aura-chakra-energy.

What does aura-energy imaging technology show?

iChakras aura reading machine technology visualizes the chi-energy and aura-chakra-energy. This is processed by proprietary software to show a detailed representation of the aura colors, chakras and other energetic readings. Aura color interpretation is dynamic as there can be multiple colors that are reflected in an aura photo.

Where did energy imaging technology originate?

Dr. Valerie Hunt, a leading researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, conducted studies using sophisticated methods to record subjects’ aura-energetic data while clairvoyants described their aura. She discovered that data frequencies and patterns were indicative of aura colors.

Aura-energetic technology uses some of those lessons learned combined with a deep understanding of aura and chakra energy to create aura-energetic data graphs and reports to display a person’s chi-energy and aura and chakra state.

NEW! Added Members Benefits

The following discounts have been added to essential memberships and therapy memberships

  • Silver 10% off all other serivces

  • Gold 20% off all other services

  • Platinum 30% off all other services

iChakras Smart Meditation Research

The NewReality Master Key™ and TGI KEY™ use blue L.E.D.s (light emitting diodes) and binaural beats (sounds) that pulse at specified frequencies. Each device gently guides the user from Beta the wide-awake state then into the more relaxed brainwave state of Alpha and then into Theta the best state for learning. The process is very similar to the cycle of sleep you enter into each night. Each device is like a mini computer, which stores the audio recordings, (guided creative visualizations) and then plays back your selection. The NewReality device is encoded to play only the user’s programs. If your PRO or KEY device is damaged all of your programs are easily replaced on to your new machine. Your data is always available to you on your own personal NewReality web page.

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